Research projects

PhD/MPhil projects

An investigation into the neural basis of depression and mechanisms of response to treatment


This PhD uses neuroimaging techniques eg. structural, functional and pharmacoMRI to investigate:

  1. brain regions implicated in depressive symptoms in relation to emotional processing
  2. the effect of antidepressant treatment on a number of biological variables and brain regions
  3. biological differences in responders versus non responders to treatment. A further aim is to investigate the serotonin system and serotonin receptors by using direct citalopram pharmacoMRI in combination with a 5HT1A blocker in healthy volunteers. 

Duration of the project

November 2007 - November 2010

Funding body

Medical Research Council, UK

Members of the project

Dr Danilo ArnonePhD student
Professor Ian AndersonSupervisor

Key outputs

We predict:

  1. a pattern of neural responses in depression in key brain areas involved in emotional processing consistent with the possibility of a state marker
  2. a volumetric reduction in cortico-limbic areas in currently depressed participant with a possible normalisation of morphometric abnormalities with remission.