Our research

Our research has included the following themes and projects:

  • Outcomes research: including a national survey of drug treatment in England and on-going analysis of the national treatment surveillance system (National Drug Treatment Monitoring System – NDTMS);
  • Policy evaluation: including evaluation of impact of payment by results commissioning schemes;
  • Resource allocation: providing analysis to inform the Department of Health’s allocation of drug and alcohol specific Public Health funds.
  • Web delivery of output from the national treatment surveillance system to inform commissioners and the public and maximise translation of knowledge about treatment engagement.
  • The largest studies to date, internationally, investigating all-cause mortality, overdose mortality, suicide, and the effect of treatment in ameliorating mortality risk among opioid users, based on analysis of multi-source, linked datasets.
  • Exploring the links between drug use and criminal behaviour and the ways in which treatment may change patterns of offending, based on analysis of large, multi-source, linked datasets.
  • Collaborative, cross-European work exploring pathways to recovery from addiction.
  • Work with the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, investigating behavioural addictions and the links between alcohol use and violence.
  • Collaborative work with CGL investigating the prevalence of fentanyl use in England

See research links for additional project information and outputs.