About us

The Centre forms part of the Centre for Epidemiology (CfE) and its origins date back to around 1945 when the University of Manchester established a Chair and a corresponding academic unit in Occupational Medicine. It is therefore the oldest, as well as possibly the largest, such academic centre in existence in the UK.

For further information, see: History of the group

The Centre and its associates engage in research and in postgraduate education. The centre mainly investigates the epidemiology of occupational and environmental ill health including infectious disease, trauma and accidents.

It is home to two leading networks in the United Kingdom that have European extensions and are international exemplars:

Research themes

  • Epidemiology of work related ill health
  • Gene-environment interactions
  • Environmental epidemiology


  • Postgraduate research: PhD
    We have a thriving PhD programme with UK and international students, and welcome candidates working for higher degrees in our fields of interest.
  • Postgraduate taught
    Our postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters programmes in Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Health (Public Health) admit the largest number of postgraduate students in these categories anywhere in the UK, and we endeavour to provide them with the best and most varied learning environment possible. The majority of student learning is ‘blended’, allowing for a flexible studying experience, and our programmes attract students from all around the world.