CIGMR Green Impact Initiative

Green Impact Statement
CIGMR is committed to minimising its environmental impact by reducing waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions, and promoting ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices within the department and the University as a whole.

Green Impact
CIGMR is currently taking part in the *Green Impact initiative, which challenges departments to implement a number of easy practical actions that will help the environment. This initiative is an environmental accreditation scheme with an awards element designed for university departments. The more actions completed, the more points are scored, leading to a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

The four main aims of the scheme are to encourage staff to:

  • Save energy
  • Recycle more
  • Less flying
  • Sustainable local food

CIGMR joined the scheme in 2009 with the formation of a Green Impact Team consisting of 5 enthusiastic members of staff led by Dr Janine Lamb. The team have implemented several changes to CIGMR’s working environment as a direct result of this initiative:

Save energy
Several initiatives had been undertaken to raise staff awareness of energy consumption. Simple things can make a difference such as double-sided printing, turning off and unplugging equipment overnight and when not in use, switching off lights and PC monitors when out of the office for meetings etc. Our latest project has been the introduction of motion-sensor lighting in some areas.

Recycle more
Introduction of a Recycling Point in CIGMR's main open plan office area with collection bins for paper, cans, plastic bottles and batteries. This has enabled staff to segregate their waste into different waste streams to maximise the amount being recycled. This has recently been further enhanced by the introduction of a building-wide ‘Bin the Bin’ scheme with the removal of all individual waste/desk bins, which were replaced by one general waste bin. In CIGMR alone, this resulted in the removal of 18 personal bins!

Less flying
For longer distance journeys there may be no other option, but flying within the UK is strongly discouraged. The Green Impact Team have also conducted travel surveys of staff, as well as highlighting sustainable travel options. Staff involved in one of CIGMR's EU projects have also utilised VoIP (Voice over IP) communication software for regular communication with other collaborators across Europe.

Sustainable local food
Where possible local/seasonal food for events and meetings with catering requirements has been sourced.

CIGMR has gained the following Green Impact Awards:

  • Bronze 2009/10
  • Silver 2010/11
  • Most Improved Team 2010/11
  • Gold – 2011/12
  • Gold -LABS- 2011/12 (CIGMR Laboratory)
  • Office DEPOT Innovation Award - 2011/12

Hints and tips for easy practical actions

*Green Impact is an EAUC (The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges) and NUS (National Union of Students) partnership project which is part of Degrees Cooler, supported by the Greener Living Fund and sponsored by Defra.