Translational breast cancer treatment trials

The Breast Cancer Research Group (BCRG) has an exceptionally strong and successful translational trials team, experienced in performing all phases of drug treatment and surgical studies.

The primary focus of the team is investigator led studies (ILS) translating into clinical practice the basic research findings from both their own laboratories and those of other principal investigators in the Centre for Women's Cancer and Manchester Breast Centre (MBC).

The team collaborates extensively with industry to ensure that the most promising novel therapies are made available to the Greater Manchester population. The current portfolio of ILS includes a multinational trial of fulvestrant +/- AKT inhibition in women with ER+ BC (FAKTION; Chief Investigator (CI) Dr Sacha Howell) and the CHAMPion, T-POETIC, TIP and TuFClot trials which translate the CI’s own preclinical work investigating the tissue factor and thrombin pathways in breast cancer stem cells and epithelial stromal interactions into the clinic (CI Ms Cliona Kirwan). 

In addition we are currently recruiting to a Network wide study exploring the role of intermittent calorie restriction in improving the efficacy and tolerability of chemotherapy in advanced BC (B-AHEAD3; CI Dr Sacha Howell) and a preoperative study to identify whether HER2 targeted agents prevent proliferation or increase apoptosis before surgical removal of the tumour. (EPHOS-B, CI Professor Nigel Bundred).

Principal investigators