About Womb Cancer

Womb cancer is also known as endometrial cancer or uterine cancer.

How common is it?

Womb cancer is the 4th most common cancer affecting British women, behind breast, lung and bowel cancer. Womb cancer is rising in incidence and more women than ever before are now dying from the disease, despite improvements in overall survival.

Why is this?

We don't fully understand why. Possible reasons include:

  • ageing population
  • fewer hysterectomies
  • breast cancer survivors treated with tamoxifen
  • obesity epidemic

but we do not have all the answers yet.

Lack of research

There is a lack of public awareness about womb cancer and a lack of research at both national and international levels. We need research to answer important questions about womb cancer, including why it is becoming more common and what can we do to slow it down. Research is essential to help us prevent, diagnose and treat womb cancer better. Your help is vital to allow us to do this.