About us

About Womb Cancer Alliance

We are a group of healthcare professionals, patients and charity representatives who are interested in promoting womb cancer research.

Our Mission

  • To identify the important womb cancer research questions that matter to patients, carers and clinicians.
  • To publish the 'top 10' and source funds to set about answering them.
  • To raise public awareness about womb cancer.

How will we do it? 

We will conduct a national survey to identify womb cancer research questions that are important to patients, their carers and healthcare professionals with clinical experience of womb cancer.

Because there is so little womb cancer research taking place, we don't know where to start. We need you to help us identify the research questions that are important to patients, carers and clinicians who look after women affected by womb cancer. This will help us direct research effort appropriately.

Womb Cancer Alliance logo

Our logo was designed by Carol Hughes, patient representative of the Womb Cancer Alliance.

It depicts the ancient Womb Goddess, where the womb symbol has been transformed into a spiral 'C' to represent cancer.

The logo is peach coloured to represent womb cancer.