Name Job title
Sabu Abraham Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine
Majid Ahmed Clinical Research Fellow
Steve Ball Clinical Research Fellow
Rachael Baylie Research Associate
Joshua Burrough Research Assistant
Eric Carlson Research Assistant
Angela Chrisopoulou Research Nurse
Ann Canfield Professor of Vascular Cell Biology
Maryline Fresquet Research Assistant
Adam Greenstein Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine
Vivak Hansrani Research Fellow
Tony Heagerty Professor of Medicine and Cardiac Centre
Cathy Holt Senior Lecturer
Sam Howitt Clinical Research Fellow
Salik Kakar Research Associate
Paul Kingston Senior Lecturer in Cardiology and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist
Chris Lowe Clinical Research Fellow
Mamas Mamas Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist
Charles McCollum Professor of Surgery
Jaqui Ohanian Senior Lecturer
Vasken Ohanian Senior Lecturer
Sarah Sugden Research Assistant
Pippa Tyrrell Professor of Stroke Medicine
Sarah Withers Research Associate