IVD regeneration

This area of research is multidisciplinary and involves collaborations with investigators (both internal and external) with skills in biomaterial design and is concerned with the identification and development of novel and existing biomaterials suitable for IVD regeneration.

Research areas

Current areas of interest are:

  1. Development of novel hydrogels for IVD regeneration
  2. Development of self-assembling peptide hydrogels (in collaboration with Prof Rein Ulijn at Strathclyde University)
  3. Tailored lithographic fabrication of a cell-seeded biodegradable polymeric intervertebral disc (in collaboration with Warwick University). For further details, see: Warwick University website
  4. Mechanical properties and biomechanics of implant devices (including tissue engineering scaffolds and constructs)
  5. Development of cell-based tissue engineering strategies for IVD regeneration
  6. Development and validation of an ex vivo human IVD explant system for testing of novel cell-based tissue engineering therapies