Adult stem cell biology and musculoskeletal tissue engineering

The work focuses on investigating factors that control mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and plasticity between lineages and establishing therapeutic and tissue engineering paradigms for the treatment of mesenchymal tissue defects.

Research areas

Current areas of interest are:

  1. Regulation of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation through modification of the physical environment ( e.g. mechanical load) and humoral environment (e.g. addition of growth factors)
  2. Use of MSCs as a potential source of cells for musculoskeletal tissue engineering
  3. Biological behaviour of and matrix synthesis by adult stem cells and differentiated cells in biological and bioengineered matrices in simulated implantation environments
  4. Evaluation of differentiation potential of adult stem cells from multiple sources, including bone marrow, fat and umbilical cord
  5. Assessment of the effect of ageing on stem cell differential potential and suitability for musculoskeletal tissue engineering


Principal investigators

Name Job title Email address
Professor Judith Hoyland Professor of Molecular Pathology
Dr Stephen Richardson RCUK Academic Fellow