Conference attendance: Molecular mechanics

Invited speakers

  • Sherratt MJ, Watson REB, Griffiths CEM
    American Ageing Association, 36th Annual Meeting, June 2007, San Antonio, USA
    Invited presentation entitled 'Molecular Structure and Function in Ageing Elastic Fibres'

Oral presentations

  • Akhtar, R, Sherratt MJ, Watson REB, Mummery, Derby B
    2nd International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials & Tissues, December 2007, Hawaii
    'Biomechanical properties of aortic tissue determined by acoustic microscopy'
  • Watson, REB, Griffiths CEM, Sherratt MJ.
    1st LINK-AGE / ESAAM Conference on Longevity, Ageing and Its Diseases, June 2007, Dessau, Germany
    'In vitro effect of ultraviolet irradiation on isolated fibrillin microfibrils'
  • Reilly, SM, Gibbs, NK, Griffiths, CEM, Watson, REB & Sherratt, MJ
    British Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Scientific Meeting, April 2007, Nottingham, UK
    'Ultraviolet irradiation directly influences the structure of fibrillin microfibrils'