Scleroderma and Raynaud’s research group members and associates

Name Job title Email address
Andrea Murray Senior Lecturer
Ariane Herrick Professor of Rheumatology
Calvin Heal Statistician
Chris Taylor Associate Vice President Research
Deb Griffiths-Jones Research Associate (Trial Manager)
Elizabeth Marjanovic Research Associate
Graham Dinsdale Clinical Scientist
Jack Wilkinson Statistician
Joanne Manning Senior Vascular Technician
Kyle Burgess Research Associate
Lisa Robogo Vascular Technician
Liz Wragg Specialist Scleroderma Nurse
Mark Dickinson Professor of Photon Physics
Maya Buch Clinical Professor of Rheumatology
Melissa Mandzuk Vascular Technician
Michael Berks Research Associate
Michael Hughes Consultant Rheumatologist Sheffield
Muditha Samaranayaka Consultant Rheumatologist
Paul New Research Assistant
Praveen Gurunath Bharathi Research Associate
Rachel Watson Professor of Cutaneous Science
Sarah Wilkinson Research Assistant
Will Gregory Consultant Physiotherapist