Working with schools

An essential part of the intervention centres on working collaboratively with all school staff. This enables the research team to embed the intervention goals and activities within the every day experiences of the child and to use their knowledge of the child to inform intervention priorities.

Learning support assistants, class teachers and Special Education Needs Co-ordinators (SENCO) are encouraged to observe and participate in sessions with the SLT team.

Intervention sessions

  • Take place in school over the course of one term
  • Maximum of 3 sessions in any one week
  • Maximum of one hour duration
  • Arranged for one half term in advance
  • Change from morning to afternoon across different days of the week
  • Accommodate the existing schedule for the term

Teachers' views

Teachers of children who received intervention have reported:

  • "Learning how to ‘chunk’ instructions has improved her understanding in class"
  • "She is now able to stay on task, doing a series of short activities"
  • "She now writes more coherently, linking ideas and explaining things well"
  • "There is no doubt she is more confident asking questions"
  • "He is able to start more of his work independently and will ask for help"
  • "Listening for longer periods of time"
  • "He is much more aware of others and wants to play with other children"
  • "He will now instigate a conversation"
  • "He has made new friends and is coping with situations in the playground"
  • "He is more confident"