What parents say

Social interaction

  • "He has no sense of danger and will talk to, or even hug strangers"
  • "She will say things that are hurtful without meaning to"


  • "She has trouble making new friends and is still unable to play with her peers without invading their space"
  • "I’m worried about him not being able to make friends and being lonely"
  • "He will only play computer games and will go off and leave his friends"

Understanding and using language

  • "He has difficulty understanding verbal instructions and this makes learning and playing games very difficult"
  • "Not understanding jokes and dealing with more abstract ideas is a problem"
  • "Can’t explain a situation clearly, doesn’t give enough information or it’s all mixed up"
  • "He takes things very literally and can get in trouble as a result"

School issues

  • "He used to say he was feeling sick in the morning and was stressed going to school"
  • "I want him to be able to access the school curriculum just to get basic skills"

Understanding emotions

  • "He needs to learn to deal with negative situations and manage stress and anger"
  • "Frustration builds up and we have long phases of bad behaviour"
  • "She can easily over-react to the smallest thing and it takes a long time to calm down"


  • "His inappropriate behaviour and tantrums are very difficult to deal with"
  • "He tries to behave appropriately although when he gets bored he might sing or lie on the floor no matter where we are"


  • "Talking obsessively about her favourite topics can be very draining"
  • "I want him to learn social rules"
  • "He is always polite but doesn’t know how to join in a conversation"

Social situations

  • "Changing routines can be very stressful"
  • "We have tantrums every time we go shopping"
  • "She doesn’t like unexpected events and needs pre-warning about everything"
  • "We see signs of anxiety throughout the day"