About us

Research in OsteoArthritis Manchester (ROAM)

Knee osteoarthritis is a painful condition that restricts the daily lives of individuals due to pain and a lack of functional independence. Surgical intervention for osteoarthritis is of great expense to the NHS and has a large impact on the individual in terms of recovery time and functional independence. Conservative means of treatment may delay or negate the need for surgery, therefore research into developing and testing such conservative therapies is an important priority.

The ROAM programme has two related goals: firstly, to test whether new treatments for Osteoarthritis (OA) work and, secondly, to introduce a new model that makes it easier to develop treatments for OA.

Whilst OA can affect the hip, the hands and even the back, we focus on knee OA because it is common and a major source of pain and disability. We believe our findings will also have relevance to disease in other joints.