Background of our Cough Research

Cough is the most common symptom leading patients to seek medical care and disrupts patients’ lives with physical, social, and psychological impacts. However effective, safe, and well-tolerated treatments for cough remain a significant unmet clinical need. The main aim of this research theme is to play a role in finding new therapies for the treatment of cough.

Key Questions

  • What are the key mechanisms driving pathological coughing?
  • Which tools best assess cough in clinical research?

Our Goals

  1. Translate neurophysiological and pharmacological findings from basic science studies through to clinical research,
  2. Develop novel validated tools for the assessment of cough in patients,
  3. Employ these tools
  4. To understand the mechanisms underlying cough in different diseases and disease phenotypes
  5. To quantify the effects of specific interventions in appropriately targeted populations