Our vision

Our aim is to develop the broadest portfolio of radiotherapy research in the UK in order to deliver personalised radiotherapy for every patient, producing the best outcomes whilst minimising side-effects and toxicity.

Our strengths

  • International leaders in multi-disciplinary radiotherapy research going from basic science through preclinical, translational and clinical research
  • The expertise and infrastructure to investigate complex radiation drug combinations in the laboratory and to translate novel findings into early phase clinical trials
  • High quality research environment for advanced radiotherapy delivery and imaging (research linear accelerator since 2002 and part of MR Linac consortium)
  • Large cancer population (8000+ patients receive radiotherapy treatment with 16 networked linear accelerators) including stereotactic, make the group uniquely placed in the UK to perform clinical radiotherapy research, largest brachytherapy practice in the UK, dedicated theatre MR guidance
  • Proton Beam Therapy facility and research centre in development