Targeted therapy and radiation drug combinations

Lead: Tim Illidge

Radiation treatment (RT) is a highly effective anti-cancer treatment that is delivered to over 50% of all cancer patients and 40% of those cured of their disease.

In order to further improve cancer outcomes using RT, an increased understanding of what determines effective RT-induced anti-tumour responses and how best to combine RT with others treatments is required.

Our research programme evaluates the contribution of RT-induced immunogenic cell death to the induction of tumour-specific immune responses (Project 1); determines how best to integrate RT with immunomodulatory agents to augment such responses and enhance therapeutic outcome (Project 2); and investigates how combination with RT and immune modulation can be utilised to increase the efficacy and durability of anti-CD20 mAb therapy in B- cell lymphomas (Project 3).

The pre-clinical experimental programme runs in parallel with early phase clinical trials to form a cohesive and overlapping programme of work that aims to inform further clinical trial design of RT and immunotherapy combinations using these novel approaches to improve outcome for cancer patients.