Our research

The profile of research supports basic, translational and clinical research organised into main research areas with a common remit to the development, behaviour and response to radiation treatment.

Research area Names
PRECISE Karen Kirkby, Ranald Mackay, Catharine West, Mike Merchant, Michael Taylor, Adam Aitkenhead, Hywel Owen, Tim Illidge, Norman Kirkby, Gillian Whitfield, Thomas Mee, Marios Sotiropoulos
Translational Radiobiology Catharine West, Rebecca Elliott, Darren Roberts, Helen Valentine, Joely Irlam, Diana Chase, Amanda Eustace, Andrew McPartlin
Radiotherapy Physics Marcel van Herk, Lucy Kershaw
Targeted Therapy Tim Illidge, Jamie Honeychurch, Eleanor Cheadle, Simon Dovedi
Imaging James O'Connor, Catharine West, Ananya Choudhury, Lucy Kershaw
Cross cutting themes Names
Computational Oncology Norman Kirkby
Theragnostics Corinne Faivre-FinnChris Moore, Catharine West, Gareth Price, Susan Davidson, Norman Kirkby
Advanced Radiotherapy Ranald Mackay, Marcel van Herk