NIHR Care Home Outreach

Numerous studies have demonstrated the range of psychiatric morbidity in care homes for older people.  Support for residents and staff is often provided by old age psychiatry services in different ways and to different extents.  This work will examine the activities of old age psychiatry services in relation to outreach to care homes so as to identify the different forms of approaches to providing specialist mental health support.  There will also be work undertaken to identify the perspectives of care home managers.

Project Outline

Care Home Outreach Project Outline

Final Report

Challis, D., Tucker, S., Wilberforce, M., Brand, C., Abendstern, M., Stewart, K., Jasper, R., Harrington, V., Verbeek, H., Jolley, D., Fernandez, J-L, Dunn, G, Knapp, M. and Bowns, I. National trends and local delivery in old age mental health services: Towards an evidence base. A mixed-methodology study of the balance of care approach, community mental health teams and specialist mental health outreach to care homes. Programme Grant for Applied Research, 2(4).

PSSRU Project Team

David Challis, Professor of Community Care Research; Mark Wilberforce, Research Fellow; Sue Tucker, Research Fellow; Karen Stewart, Research Fellow; Dr Dave Jolley, Honorary Reader; Michele Abendstern, Research Associate; Christian Brand, Research Associate; and Rowan Jasper, Research Assistant.