Long-Term Care Coordinaton for Older People at Home - Exploring the Flexible Use of Budgets

The purpose of this study is to explore practice and procedures which facilitate the flexible use of resources within local authorities.  It will investigate the relationship between this flexible use of budgets and other aspects of care management.  Additionally it will explore areas intrinsic to the development of the flexible use of budgets in the sub-set of authorities reporting this innovative practice.

Project Outline

Long-Term Care Coordination for Older People at Home - Exploring the flexble use of budgets. November 2008


Xie C, Hughes J, Sutcliffe C, Chester H, and Challis D (2012). Promoting Personalization in Social Care Services for Older People. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 55(3), 218-232.

Sutcliffe C, Hughes J, Xie C, Chester H, and Challis D (2012). Social care in older people's services: Facilitating the flexible use of Resources. Care Management Journals, 13(3), 100-107.

PSSRU Project Team

David Challis, Professor of Community Care Research; Jane Hughes Senior Research Fellow; Caroline Sutcliffe, Research Associate; and Chengqiu Xie, Research Associate.