Project 4. Trial of Memory Aids through Dementia Advice Workers in Early Stage Dementia


The aim of Project 4 is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of memory aids delivered by Dementia Support Practitioners to people with earlystage dementia. The study has two primary objectives:

  • To estimate the effect of this intervention on patients and carers.
  • To evaluate the true cost of this intervention, and whether it yields value for money.

There are also four secondary objectives:

  • To measure whether participants use this intervention and, if so, which are more likely to do so.
  • To identify which participants are more likely to benefit from this intervention.
  • To study when memory aids are most effective.
  • To explore the barriers to, and facilitators of, implementing this intervention.

Data collections through memory services in eight NHS Trusts are underway. These data will be analysed and detailed findings reported in a variety of formats. This study will inform Project 6 - A Dementia Toolkit to Improve Management and Commissioning.

PSSRU Project Team:

Helen Chester, Paul Clarkson, David Challis, Jane Hughes, Charlotte Entwistle, Rosa Pitts, Vinny Gillan, Rebecca Beresford and Julie Peconi, Ian Russell and colleagues (Swansea Trials Unit, Swansea University).

For Information, Contact:

Helen Chester (