Assessment, Performance Measurement and User Satisfaction


Assessment has been identified as a key process to ensure that needs are properly identified and that responses are appropriate. The importance of assessment in social care practice and in policy has increased since the community care reforms of the 1990s.  PSSRU at Manchester has undertaken studies of assessment processes in care homes and in the development and use of an assessment tool for use in care homes, the MDS/RAI. The Unit has evaluated the implementation of two key national policy developments, the Single Assessment Process and the Self Assessment pilot projects.

User Satisfaction and Quality Measurement

Improving user satisfaction with their experience of services and supportive interventions is a continuing feature. The Unit is hosting an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship exploring the meaning and measurement of person-centred care in older people's services. The Unit has also developed tools for assessing satisfaction with the assessment process and studies have specifically addressed issues of satisfaction. One study addressed the determinants of quality of life of older people in care homes, identifying factors associated with a better quality of experience and outcome.  A second study identified factors which are more likely to enable service users and carers to participate in planning fora and consultative meetings to facilitate service development.

Performance Measurement

The Unit has undertaken work in relation to performance measurement in services for older people. This included the development of a system of performance indicators in older people's services for local implementation in social care. The Unit is also undertaking a national study of how indicators are used for local management and planning purposes in older people's services funded by the ESRC.