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School for Social Care Conference 2018

PSSRU colleagues recently attended the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) School for Social Care Research (SSCR) 2018 conference at London School of Economics (LSE). The day covered contemporary topics in health and social care research such as Dementia care, support for carers and improving practice. From the Manchester unit, Sue Tucker presented findings from the Social Care in Prisons study, which outlined the number and nature of prisoners’ social care needs and provided information on current service provisions.


Professor Bleddyn Davies' 80th Birthday Celebration

PSSRU colleagues gathered at the London School of Economics (LSE) to celebrate the 80th birthday of the founding director Professor Bleddyn Davies. The day comprised of talks from each branch of PSSRU , the speakers outlined the current research that their unit is undertaking and how this has been influenced by  Professor Davies' work.  Professor Davies also gave a speech describing his career and the formation of PSSRU, he linked past research to current questions and reflected on the strong unity between the LSE, Kent and Manchester branches which have produced over 40 years of social care research!

PSSRU Ruby Anniversary

Last year was the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the PSSRU.  It was established in 1974 at the University of Kent.  The Unit developed 3 branches in 1996 with the LSE and the University of Manchester branches being established.  An event was held in London to celebrate for existing staff and invited colleagues. More information about the event and the anniversary can be found at

Evaluation of Individual Budgets: Messages for Policy and Practice conference

Date: Tuesday 3 February 2009
Venue: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
Conference slides
PDFs of the six sessions at the conference 

Guthrie Trust Witness Seminar

An important seminar was held in Glasgow in May 2008. It looked at the development and history of old age mental health services in the UK. Dave Jolley from PSSRU was one of the participants and has prepared a valuable summary of this significant event.
Summary: Guthrie Trust Witness Seminar (Glasgow, May 2008) (PDF 20 KB)