Green Impact is a national environmental accreditation and awards scheme designed for university and college departments which aims to encourage staff and students to make positive environmental changes.  The PSSRU Green Impact team was formed in October 2012 and seeks to reduce the Unit’s environmental impact through the promotion of easy, practical actions that can be undertaken by all staff.  Wherever possible, it also tries to make these fun! 


Green Impact at PSSRU Manchester

Every year, the PSSRU Green Impact team holds a dedicated ‘Green Week’ to raise awareness of sustainability issues.  Each day has a different focus (e.g. sustainable transport, responsible energy use or minimising waste), and a variety of activities are scheduled to promote interest.  Previous Green Week travel days, for example, have seen the circulation of local sustainable travel information, a talk on cycling, the provision of (free!) cycling accessories and a Unit walk around areas of environmental interest on the University campus.  There’s always a foodie event too (think Fairtrade, locally sourced produce and seasonal fruit and vegetables).  Indeed, most years see a number of Green Impact themed lunches, whilst other regular activities include an annual energy and resource use audit (with a view to identifying any potential energy savings) and the promotion of Green initiatives in the Unit’s internal newsletter (the Northern Quarterly).  The team also have a dedicated notice board in the Unit’s kitchen, with a changing display of information about Green Impact events, and there are a wide variety of recycling facilities available, encompassing printer cartridges, batteries, plastic bags and stamps as well as paper, cardboard, glass, tin and plastic bottles. 


Further information

Further information about wider sustainability initiatives within the University can be found on the Think Sustainability website, the Think Sustainability Facebook page and @ThinkSustUoM on Twitter.


Note for visitors to PSSRU Manchester

There are numerous public transport options available when visiting the PSSRU in Manchester. The Unit is just a short walk away from both Oxford Road and Piccadilly railway stations, and can be reached using a variety of bus routes. PSSRU staff are requested to actively promote these sustainable travel options to the Unit’s visitors.

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