Multimorbidity (that is, patients living with more than one long-term condition) is increasingly the norm in clinical practice, and the NHS needs to adapt to meet the needs of patients.

Through multidisciplinary research we aim to develop the evidence base to improve the delivery of care for people living with multiple long-term conditions. Linking to key priorities within the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, our work considers the practise of ‘minimally disruptive medicine’ as well as health inequalities in both research design and delivery of care.

An important focus of our research is to address the 'second translational gap' between clinical research and healthcare delivery. Our collaborations are supported by funding by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research and the NIHR CLAHRC for Greater Manchester. We also work with research colleagues leading on multimorbidity research funded by the Scottish School for Primary Care Research.

For more information, feel free to contact Professor Peter Bower or Dr Tom Blakeman to discuss research opportunities.