Long-term conditions

The global burden of disease is shifting to long-term conditions. Long-term conditions require patients to make changes to lifestyle and adopt self management, which needs an active partnership between patient and professional. To achieve this, services need to support personalised care, shared decision making and choice. This has the potential to improve concordance, support effective behaviour change, and lead to improved patient experience, better health outcomes and reduced costs.

However, achieving that potential in the context of high illness burden, multimorbidity, and limited budgets is a significant challenge. The Long Term Conditions Theme at the Centre for Primary Care is committed to meeting that challenge through high quality, multidisciplinary research.  

 Our aim:

  • To conduct high quality research into the delivery, effectiveness and experience of care for patients with long-term condition
  • To have a demonstrable impact on the delivery of care for long-term conditions nationally and internationally

We oraganise our work in 4 areas, although many individual projects relate to several areas: