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What is Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) and Public Engagement (PE)?

The NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC works to the NIHR INVOLVE definition of patient and public involvement (PPI) which is:

  • “Research being carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ members of the public, rather than ‘to, ‘about’ or ‘for’ them”.

PPI is recognised as an essential part of the NHS, public health and social care research. The PSTRC has allocated a significant proportion of its budget to ensure patients, carers and members of the public are involved in designing and carrying out the centre's research. The majority of involvement activity takes place via the various elements of the centre’s RUG.

The centre also increases the visibility of its research and encourages involvement through engagement events, where members of the public are able to come and learn more about the work of the centre and to express their opinions around issues relating to patient safety in primary care. For information on the PSTRC's current and past events, see Our Events.

PPI Structure in the NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC

The Greater Manchester PSTRC has a number of ways for patients, carers and members of the public to get involved in its research. A case study was written about the formation of the centre's RUG.

Friends of the GM PSTRC

Friends receive regular newsletters about the work of the centre and are offered opportunities for further involvement.

If you would like to receive information about the work of the Centre please register as a Friend, by subscribing online. If you are unable to use the link or would like further information, please contact the PPI Coordinator, Philip Hammond.

Project PPI members of the RUG

Project PPI members are each linked to a specific project taking place within a research theme and they work closely with researchers and other project PPI members on this project. Members’ comments are reported to quarterly theme reviews.

Core members of the RUG

The Core RUG is a group of 8 to 10 members who meet every 12 weeks. Each member aligns to one research theme and oversees the patient and public involvement taking place in that theme.

Members of the RUG are consulted regarding the role of PPI and PE in the Centre, in accordance with its objectives. To support involvement, effective support and training is provided to all members of the RUG.

See the centre's leaflet for more information on PPI in the NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC.


See our PPI case studies to find out more about how patients, carers and members of the public have impacted the research of the Greater Manchester PSTRC.

Key Staff

  • Professor Stephen Campbell (Principal Investigator and PPI Lead)
  • Philip Hammond (PPI Coordinator)

If you'd like further information then please contact:

Philip Hammond (PPI Coordinator)
Tel: +44(0)161 206 7265
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