Testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a parenting seminar and booklet in Palestine

Background to the research

In 2015, we developed a leaflet which included two A4 pages of context and culturally sensitive parenting information and a questionnaire to collect demographic data and feedback on the usefulness of the leaflet. Working with an NGO in Syria we distributed 3000 parenting information leaflets to families living in a conflict zone in Syria via bakery supplies. We received a response rate of 1783 completed questionnaires, really highlighting how important these parenting information messages were to families in this context.

The current study

We have expanded the leaflet into a booklet to demonstrate key parenting skills in a simple and engaging way. The booklet, titled ‘Caregiving for Children through Conflict and Displacement’, is aimed at building parenting confidence and self-regulatory skills and enhancing child and family psychological well-being and is based on evidence-based family and parenting strategies drawn from the parenting literature. It has been tailored to the context of families that have experienced conflict and displacement using the findings from our interviews, focus groups and consultations, humanitarian organisation mental health and psychosocial assessments and research conducted by other academics. Along with the booklet, we have developed a 2 hour seminar to be used with caregivers. The seminar expands the information in the booklet in an engaging way and both are used together. This study aims to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of the implementation of this newly developed booklet and associated seminar with caregivers in Nablus, Palestine.

The study will commence in March 2017 in the city of Nablus in the West Bank, Palestine. The intervention will be delivered to families in groups of approximately 20 families. Only one or two parents or caregivers will be invited to attend for each family. This may enhance their parenting skills and family functioning, and they will meet other families with whom they may find it useful to share their experiences.


  1. Determine the feasibility of conducting a brief seminar and associated booklet with families in Nablus (Palestine)

  2. Determine its usefulness in improving parental efficacy and competence and improving children's mental health

  3. Examine the acceptability of the parenting booklet and seminar to families and NGO workers and if any modifications are required.