Early Life Determinants of Metabolic Disease

  • The Hyperglycaemia Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes (HAPO) follow up study  - The original HAPO study examined how hyperglycaemia during pregnancy affected outcomes in mother and baby. The follow on study is examining health in mothers and children (now aged 8-12 years) particularly focusing on metabolic health. The paediatric endocrinology team is co-ordinating the Manchester UK contribution to this International National Institutes of Health (US) funded study.
  • The Manchester Heart and Growth Study (MHGS) – Children, both white Caucasian and British-born South Asian enrolled in the original HAPO study, have been followed through their early childhood with measurements of growth, growth and vascular growth factors, blood pressure, aortic pulse wave velocity and most recently echocardiograms to study ethnic differences in cardiometabolic health and the genesis of cardiometabolic abnormalities.
  • The Ibadan (Nigeria) Heart and Growth study – This study has mirrored the MHGS study in design, but recruited in Nigeria, and has aimed to study the impact of endemic maternal malaria on the development of blood pressure and hypertension.