A list of abbreviations used in documents, guidelines and presentations:

AB Arthur Boothroyd word lists
ABR Auditory Brainstem Response
AOAE Automated OtoAcoustic Emissions
AAI Aided Audibility Index
AAA American Academy of Audiology
ALD Assistive Listening Device
BAA British Academy of Audiology
BAAP British Association of Audiological Physicians
BACDA British Association of Community Doctors in Audiology
BAEA British Association of Educational Audiologists
BATOD British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
BKB Bamford-Kowal-Bench sentence tests
BSA British Society of Audiology
BSL British Sign Language
BTE Behind The Ear
BW Body Worn
CCT Consonant Cluster Test
CI Cochlear Implant
CIC Completely In the Canal
CHEAR Children’s Hearing Evaluation and Amplification Resource
CHSWG Children’s Hearing Services Working Group
CMP Common Monitoring Protocol
dB Decibel
DfES Department for Education and Skills
DH Department of Health
DSP Digital Signal Processing
DSL Desired Sensation Level (i/o = input/output)
ESP Early Support Project
FAAF Four Alternative Auditory Feature test
FM Frequency Modulated
FRC Frequency Response Curve
GoF Goodness of Fit
HAR Hearing Aid Review
HL Hearing Level
IT Information Technology
ITE In The Ear
LEA Local Education Authority
LIFE-IHP Listening Inventory For Education – Individual Hearing Profile
LSQ Listening Situations Questionnaire
LTASS Long Term Average Speech Spectrum
Ling Ling 6 sounds test
MCHAS Modernisation of Children’s Hearing Aid Services
MRC Medical Research Council
NAL National Acoustics Laboratory (NL = Nonlinear, RP = Revised, profound)
NDCS National Deaf Children’s Society
NHS National Health Service
NHSP Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
OME Otitis Media with Effusion
Parrot/Phoenix Recorded/automated version of the McCormick Toy Test
PCHL Permanent Childhood Hearing Loss
PEACH Parent Evaluation of the Aural/oral performance of Children
REAG Real Ear Aided Gain
REAR Real Ear Aided Response
RECD Real Ear to Coupler Difference
REIG Real Ear Insertion Gain
REMs Real Ear Measures
RESR Real Ear Saturation Response
REUR Real Ear Unaided Response
RNID Royal National Institute for the Deaf
SHARP Situational Hearing Aid Response Profile
SII Speech Intelligibility Index
SNHL Sensori Neural Hearing Loss
SPL Sound Pressure Level
ToD Teacher of the Deaf
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
VRA Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
WDRC Wide Dynamic Range Compression