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Food Allergen Analysis and Management

Our blended learning master’s-level continuing professional development course is aimed at those who want to develop their knowledge skills in relation to food allergen analysis and management including those working in

  • Food businesses, spanning food production, manufacturing, retailing and hospitality/catering industries;
  • Food safety risk assessment and risk management;
  • Analytical services for food and environmental monitoring
  • Enforcement and monitoring bodies

It comprises four weeks of on-line lectures, followed by a week of face-to-face teaching in Manchester and on finishing course individuals will receive a certificate of completion.

A holistic approach to food allergen management will be taught, embracing food allergen supply chain management through to allergen risk communication, food labelling and incident management. Through a combination of on-line and face-to-face teaching (including practicals) given in a residential week, the course will provide students with an overview of IgE and nonIgE-mediated adverse reactions to foods, the protein molecules that cause such reactions and the impact that food processing and the food matrix has on their structure and properties. Students will learn about the way in which complimentary allergen analytical methods, including DNA-based, immune-based and mass spectrometry methods can be used to inform the risk assessment process. Scenarios will be modelled using exemplar food matrices with particulate and homogeneously distributed allergens.

It is also being offered in a longer, credit bearing format for which individuals can register.



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