Manchester Centre for Health Psychology

Prof Chris Armitage: Professor in Health Psychology

Image: Prof Chris Armitage

Chris is Professor of Health Psychology in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health. His research focuses on psychological intervention and behaviour change, which uses psychological theory (e.g., theory of planned behaviour) to develop tools (e.g., self-incentivising implementation intentions) for behaviour change (e.g. smoking cessation) among diverse populations (e.g. adolescents).

He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed articles on these topics and has received funding to support this research from the Technology Strategy Board, British Renal Society, AERC, ESRC, MRC, and NICE.

Dr Kiera Bartlett: Research Associate

Dr Kiera Bartlett

Kiera is a research associate interested in how technology can be used to support and encourage behaviour change. Since 2017 she has been working with David French on the SuMMiT-D project, an NIHR funded collaboration between the University of Manchester, Oxford University and others that aims to develop a text messaging service to support medication adherence in people with Type 2 diabetes.

She joined the Manchester Centre for Health Psychology in March 2014 working with Belinda Borrelli, Alison Wearden and Chris Armitage on a CRUK funded project to develop an app to help smokers who are not ready to quit.



Professor Belinda Borrelli: Chair in Health Psychology

Image: Prof Belinda Borrelli

Belinda was recently appointed as a Chair in Health Psychology. She has a joint appointment with Brown University (Rhode Island, USA) where she is Director of the Program in Nicotine and Tobacco Research. She develops and tests treatments to motivate change in a variety of health behaviours (smoking cessation, medication adherence, oral health, sleep apnoea, asthma) in many populations. She is interested in:

  1. increasing risk perception through health feedback
  2. working with culturally diverse and special populations.

Belinda was the previous Associate Editor of the 'Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology' and is currently Associate Editor of 'Health Psychology'.

She is a former member of a scientific grant review committee at the National Institutes of Health (RPHB-2), and was recently appointed to the American College of Reviewers.

She has trained hundreds of healthcare practitioners in motivational interviewing for health behaviour change, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Lis Boulton: Research Fellow

Dr Lis Boulton

Lis joined the University of Manchester in 2010 to study for a PhD after 18 years working in the Health and Social Care sector.

Her research focuses on population approaches to healthy ageing. She has worked on two large international research projects and several smaller studies aimed at preventing falls, increasing physical activity and preventing functional decline.

She is currently Research Fellow in the NIHR Older People and Frailty Policy Research Unit.



Professor Audrey Bowen: Chair of Neuropsychology Rehab

Prof Audrey Bowen

Audrey is Professor of Neuropsychological Rehab in the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology.






Professor Peter Bower: Chair in Health Sciences

Peter is Professor of Health Sciences in the Division of Population Health, Health Services Research & Primary Care.

Dr Joanna Brooks: Lecturer in Psychology


Joanna is a lecturer in health psychology. She has a particular interest in qualitative methods and is a committee member for the British Psychological Society's Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section. Her research interests include the management of long term conditions and end of life care, and networks of communication and support in health and social care. Her work is informed by a particular interest in the development and use of novel and inclusive approaches to research.


Dr Laura Brown: Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Laura Brown

Laura joined the University of Manchester as a Lecturer in the School of Psychological Sciences in 2013. Her research focuses on cognition, health, and wellbeing in later life. In particular, she is interested in characterising the patterns of psychological functioning that are associated with ageing, and in developing interventions to help improve health and wellbeing in older populations. She is also working with care homes to find ways to support person-centred care.




Dr Richard Brown: Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Richard Brown

As Programme Director for the Clinical Psychology Doctorate (ClinPsyD), I hold overall responsibility for the training of clinical psychologists at the University of Manchester. I also teach on the programme and supervise ClinPsyD research projects. Alongside my training roles, I conduct research and supervise PhD students. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. In the remainder of my time I work as Director of the Functional Neurological Disorders (FuND) Service, in my role as honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist within the Complex Primary Care Psychology team at Gaskell House, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care NHS Trust. The FuDD Service offers specialist psychological assessment and treatment for people with functional (i.e. 'medically unexplained') neurological symptom disorders. We offer the main evidence-based approaches for functional neurological symptoms. The predominant therapeutic approach is individual Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy, although we also offer individual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy where appropriate.



Dr Lucie Byrne-Davis*: Professor in Health Psychology

Lucie is Professor in Medical Education based in the Manchester Medical School. Her research is concerned with how to measure and evaluate the impact of interventions.

Her current research activities include:

  • investigating the impact of education and training on professional practice in low and middle income countries (collaborators across Manchester, within MCHP and in Uganda),
  • the impact of technologies on the processes and outcomes of medical education
  • the scalability of interventions to enhance or change professional practice.

She is a committee member for the Division of Health Psychology.

Dr Sarah Cotterill: Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research and Statistics

Sarah Cotterill is a Senior Lecturer, based in the Center for Biostatistics. Sarah's research interests are in public health behaviour change at scale and research methodology. Her work in this area began as a social scientist testing out ways of encouraging people to undertake civic behaviour (e.g., recycling, charitable donations, volunteering). Since moving to health research in 2010, she has undertaken policy evaluations and research on health behaviour change. Sarah has a broad knowledge of research methodology and statistics, with a particular interest in the design and analysis of randomised controlled trials and feasibility studies for the evaluation of health and public policy interventions. She is an academic within NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester.

Amy Davies: Research Assistant


Amy studied her undergraduate Psychology degree at the University of Manchester then completed a MSc in Abnormal & Clinical Psychology at Swansea University. She then worked for Carmarthenshire County Council as a graduate performance data analyst within the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Services division. Amy is currently working with Professor David French on the Greater Manchester Active Ageing programme, assisting with the evaluation of the project. The aim of the project is to assess the effectiveness of the programme across the 8 Metropolitan Borough Councils where it is being implemented and to understand reasons for the relative effectiveness in some areas relative to others.


Professor Linda Davies: Professor of Health Economics

ImageLinda is part of the Centre for Health Economics research team, based in the Institute of Population Health.

Linda's key roles are the design and implementation of economic evaluations in mental health and chronic disabilities, focusing on complex interventions for people with complex needs and measurement and valuation of preferences for health and social care.


Professor Dawn Edge: Professor


Dawn Edge is a Lecturer in Qualitative Methods in the School of Psychological Sciences. Her research is focused on improving outcomes and reducing inequalities by influencing policy, practice and service delivery.

The scope of her research encompasses wider areas of health and social care with a particular focus on the health beliefs and under-served populations, experiences of healthcare.  Dawn works closely with CeNTrUM and IBBMH

Dr Tracy Epton: Lecturer in Health Psychology

Tracy Epton

Tracy joined the University of Manchester in 2013 first as a research associate and then as a lecturer. Her research involves designing and evaluating behaviour change interventions across a range of behaviours. Her research involves a range a methods including laboratory studies, field work, systematic reviewing and meta-analysis.



Professor David French*: Professor of Health Psychology


After working at the Universities of London (King's College), Cambridge, Birmingham and Coventry, David moved to Manchester in 2012. His research focuses on interventions with reach (e.g. those aiming at changing behaviour), and which are is feasible to implement.

He has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles on a wide range of (a) health behaviours including screening, walking and medication adherence, especially walking, and (b) contexts, including NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and NHS Breast Screening Programme. He has received over £80M funding bodies including MRC, EU and NIHR (several different funding streams). He is a Fellow of the European Health Psychology Society, and Scientific Advisory Group member of the new MRC/ NIHR Complex Intervention Guidance Update (for third version of guidance).


Dr Joanna Goldthorpe: Research Fellow

Dr Joanna Goldthorpe


Joanna has worked in social and health services research since 2004, having held previous roles at Birkbeck College, University of London and the Centre for Public Health Research at the University of Chester.





Rebecca Goulding: Research Associate and PhD student

Rebecca is a PhD student / NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow based in the School of Health Sciences.

She is exploring communication between older patients (65+) with multimorbidity (two or more long-term conditions) and primary care staff, and developing a behaviour change intervention to improve communication and reduce risks to patient safety.

Rebecca is supervised by Professor Peter Bower, Dr Sarah Peters and Dr Thomas Blakeman.

Samantha Groves: Research Assistant

Sam completed her MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology at The University of Manchester, and is now working with Dr Lorna McWilliams on a CRUK funded project, which is investigating the readiness of lung cancer screening services to deliver concurrent smoking cessation treatment.

Professor Joanne Hart*: Professor of Health Professional Education

Jo Hart

Jo Hart is a Health Psychologist and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is based at the University of Manchester, UK where she is Deputy Head of the Division of Medical Education.

She studies the education and training of health care professionals and has special interests in healthcare professional behaviour and in communication about lifestyle behaviours ( ).

Jo is health professional education lead for The Change Exchange, a project in which health psychologists volunteer to work with health partnerships between UK and low income country healthcare organisations.

Nationally, she works with Health Education England and Public Health England, influencing the use of behavioural science in education and training.

She is Chair of a Manchester primary Multi Academy Trust. She is Past Chair of the British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology and is interested in the development of health psychology in the UK and globally.



Rhiannon Hawkes: Research Assistant

Rhiannon Hawkes

Rhiannon joined the Manchester Centre for Health Psychology in 2018 working with Prof. David French and Dr Elaine Cameron on the NIHR-funded Diabetes Prevention Long term Multimethod Assessment (DIPLOMA) project, evaluating fidelity of delivery of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

She is now also working with Prof. David French on an EU-funded My Personal Breast Screening (MyPeBS) project, evaluating the psychological impact of risk-stratified breast screening in women.



Dr Chris Keyworth: Research Associate

Dr Chris Keyworth

Chris is a Research Fellow at the Manchester Centre for Health Psychology. His current work as part of the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre involves two broad areas: designing and testing behaviour change interventions for healthcare professionals, and exploring ways of improving communication between healthcare professionals to ensure patient safety when moving between care settings.





Dr Jacqueline Lavallee:Lecturer

Jacqueline Lavallee

I joined the University of Manchester in 2014 when I started my PhD and stage 2 training in health psychology. Having completed my PhD I am now working as a Lecturer in Medical Education. My research primarily focuses on staff behaviour change to improve the delivery of care and patient outcomes using a range of behaviour change techniques and complex interventions. My research involves a range of methods including mixed methods, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and meta-synthesis. I am also continuing with my training to become a HCPC registered,BPS chartered Health Psychologist. I am trained in motivational interviewing and provide behaviour change and lifestyle support to patients with long term conditions including inflammatory bowel disease.





Dr Rabiya Majeed-Ariss: Research Associate

Rabiya is a research associate with Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Lorna McWilliams: Research Associate

Lorna McWilliams

Lorna primarily works on multi-disciplinary research projects concerning the prevention and early detection of cancer. This currently includes the acceptability of risk stratification in breast cancer screening and quality of life and smoking cessation in lung screening. She has a particular interest in risk communication, health inequalities and healthcare decision making




Dr Lisa Miles: Research Associate

Lisa Miles

Lisa joined MCHP as a research associate in January 2018. She is working with Prof David French on an MRC/NIHR funded project on measurement reactivity (how measuring people affects their behaviour, emotions and the data they provide about themselves) and how this can lead to bias in trials. The project involves synthesising existing evidence and expert opinion and will produce the first guidance on preventing such bias.

Dr Sarah Peters*: Senior Lecturer

Sarah Peters

Sarah is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and qualitative research lead for the NIHR North West Research Design service. Her research focuses on healthcare communication, particularly within challenging contexts, such as medically unexplained symptoms, health behaviour change and relapse prevention.

A key aspect of her research is on equipping health professionals to communicate more effectively with patients, relatives and colleagues.

She has worked using a range of methodologies, but particularly focused on how to integrate qualitative methods within randomised controlled trials to examine acceptability, feasibility and implementation of psychological and training interventions.

Dr Rachael Powell*: Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology


Rachael is a Lecturer in Health Psychology and an adviser for the NIHR Research Design Service. She uses both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and her research mainly falls into these areas:

  1. Experience of, and psychological preparation for, medical procedures (e.g. decision making in people offered bone conduction hearing implants; psychological preparation for surgery; predictors of chronic post-surgical pain)
  2. Behaviour change (e.g. physical activity in older adults; dental hygiene behaviours in stroke survivors)
  3. Use and experience of novel testing/monitoring technology (particularly self-test technology


Dr Christine Rowland: Research Fellow

Christine Rowland

In 2009, Christine joined the University of Sheffield and completed an MSc in psychological research methods. Following this, she completed a PhD which investigated smoking and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in advanced lung cancer patients.

In 2013, Christine joined the Manchester Centre for Health Psychology as a postdoctoral research associate working with Professor Suzanne Skevington. Research interests include:

  • Quality of life and illness perceptions in cancer patients
  • Health inequalities and quality of life
  • The use of quality of life information to evaluate interventions for people with chronic illness and/or disabilities
  • Health-related stigmatisation

Dr Susan Speer: Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Susan is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the School of Psychological Sciences. She spent the 2005-06 academic year as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Sociology at The University of California at Los Angeles (funded by an ESRC-SSRC Collaborative Visiting Fellowship) where she received extensive training in Conversation Analysis.

From Dec 2010-Feb 2011, she returned to UCLA as a Visiting Scholar in the Center for Language Interaction and Culture (CLIC).

Professor Chris Todd: Professor of Primary Care and Community Health/Director of Research

Chris Todd

Chris is Professor of Primary Care and Community Health at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester..

Chris read Psychology at the University of Durham where he obtained a BA, an MA and a PhD. From Durham he went to University of Ulster as a postdoc in applied health research and then to the University of Cambridge, where he became director of the Health Services Research Group at the Institute of Public Health. He moved to his chair in Manchester in 2001.

Chris's research interests cover two cognate areas:

  1. cancer, supportive and palliative care
  2. promotion of active ageing and prevention of falls amongst older people, and a general theme of methodological development
He has championed health psychology and psychological methods within health sciences for some years.


Chris has held and/or currently holds grants from the Department of Health, NHS, research charities, MRC, EPSRC, NIHR and the EC. He reviews for a wide range of research committees and charities both in UK and overseas and currently sits on a number of funding committees including the NIHR HSDR Board.

Dr Fiona Ulph: Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Methods


Fiona is a chartered Health Psychologist, Lecturer in qualitative methods (Division of Psychology & Mental Health, University of Manchester) and Senior Advisor in qualitative methods for the UK NIHR North West Research Design Service. Her research interests are in the following areas:

  • communication of newborn screening information
  • familial communication regarding genetics
  • communication between the triad of health professionals, parents and children
  • children's understanding of, and ability to actively participate in, healthcare (specifically genetics) and their information needs to do so.

She has recently been awarded a number of grants to examine communication about newborn screening. She is an invited Advisor on the review of international guidelines assessing quality in qualitative research.

Professor Alison Wearden*: Professor of Health Psychology

Alison Wearden

Alison is a Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Manchester and an HCPC registered Health Psychologist whose work focuses mainly on understanding and managing long-term health conditions. She has experience of training non-psychologists to deliver psychological therapies, and has carried out two randomised controlled trials of treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome.

A second major area of research interest is in improving the health of people with serious mental health problems. Generally, her research is informed by an interest in how patients', family members' and health care professionals' models of illness impact on coping with long-term health conditions and guide management decisions.

PhD Students

PhD Students

Isabel Adeyemi: PhD student

Isabel is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Her PhD is funded by NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester and explores physical activity in people with depression and physical health conditions.

She is supervised by Professor Chris Armitage, Dr Sarah Knowles and Dr Peter Coventry.

Khalood Rashid Al abri: PhD student

Khalood is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Khalood's PhD is to examine the risk factors of post partum depression among Omani women.

Khalood is supervised by Prof Chris Armitage and Dr Dawn Edge.

Maha Al-Subhi: PhD student

Maha is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Maha is funded by King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her PhD is to investigate the experience of growth and weight management among refugee families with young children after their resettlement in the UK.

She is supervised by Dr Sarah Peters, Dr Joanna Goldthorpe and Dr Tracy Epton.

Sarah Bellhouse: PhD student

Sarah Bellhouse

Sarah is a PhD student in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Sarah's PhD is funded by the Manchester Cancer Research Centre. She will explore the acceptability and feasibility of introducing a breast cancer risk prediction system for women to access from the age of 30 years. Her research aims to develop acceptable care pathways and risk assessment materials for this new approach to early detection of breast cancer. The risk prediction system will be piloted and an examination of psychological impact will be conducted.

Sarah is supervised by Prof David French, Dr Sacha Howell and Dr Louise Donnelly-Gorman.



Jack Benton: PhD student

Jack Benton

Jack is a PhD student in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Jack's PhD is funded by the ESRC and is partnered with Manchester City Council. His project is looking at the impact of urban green spaces on physical activity and wellbeing. He is using natural experiment methodology in two separate studies to evaluate the impact of urban green space interventions on physical activity and wellbeing, working with a local housing association and a real estate company. Jack is also developing a novel observation tool for assessing physical activity and other wellbeing behaviours in urban spaces, such as pocket parks, residential streets and canal waterways.

Jack is supervised by Prof David French, Dr Jamie Anderson and Dr Sarah Cotterill.

Kelly Birtwell: PhD student

Kelly is a PhD student based in the School of Health Sciences.

Kelly is developing a low intensity mindfulness intervention to reduce stress in people with long term conditions.

She is supervised by Professor Chris Armitage.

Dr Rachel Broadbent: PhD student

Dr Rachel Broadbent is a medical oncology trainee based at the Christie hospital in Manchester.

Her PhD research involves investigating the views of people treated for Hodgkin lymphoma on lung cancer screening and developing methods for use in a lung cancer screening trial for this population.

She is supervised by Dr Kim Linton, Professor Chris Armitage, Professor John Radford, Dr Phil Crosbie and Professor Mike Hawkins.

Daisy Clarke: PhD student

Daisy is a PhD student funded by NIHR CLAHRC.

Daisy's PhD is looking at patient exeperience of apraxia in the context of stroke.

Daisy is supervised by Prof Audrey Bowen, Dr Andy Vail and Dr Sarah Peters.

Nia Coupe: PhD student

Nia is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health.

Rachel Crone: PhD student

Rachel is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and mental health.

Her research is funded by the ESRC and involves how interpersonal dynamics and the quality of relationships with others can affect how people cope with and respond to multidisciplinary treatment for chronic pain. Rachel also works as an honorary assistant psychologist in the pain management department at the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool. .

Rachel is supervised by Dr Richard Brown, Professor Alison Wearden and Dr Hannah Twiddy.

Emma Hooper: PhD student

Emma is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Emmas PhD is nested within the SENSE-Cog study; a Horizon 2020 EU-funded randomised controlled trial comparing an individualised Sensory Intervention to standard care in people with comorbid dementia and hearing and / or vision impairment, and their companions. For her PhD, Emma is investigating facilitators and barriers to hearing aid use amongst people with age-related hearing loss who are diagnosed with dementia.

Emma is supervised by Professor Chris Armitage and Dr Laura Brown.

Noor Afzarini Hasnita Ismail: PhD student

Af is a PhD student based in the Division of Human Communication, Development & Hearing.

Af's PhD is about understanding audiologists' behaviours during a hearing aid consultation with adult patients.

Af is supervised by Dr Piers Dawes, Prof Chris Armitage and Prof Kevin Munro.

Faye Johnson: PhD student

Faye Johnson

Faye is a PhD student in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Faye is funded by the University of Manchester Research Impact Scholarship. Her research explores, and aims to construct a theory of, the psychological impact of receiving uncertain results from genetic screening. This theory will then be used to develop new guidance for healthcare professionals, to help to harness the benefits of genetic screening and minimise the risk of potential psychosocial harm.

Faye is supervised by Dr Fiona Ulph, Dr Rhona McLeod, and Professor Kevin Southern (from the University of Liverpool).

Jessica Leather: PhD student

Jess is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health. Jess is funded by the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre.

The research involves developing an intervention for primary care professionals who encounter patients at risk of self-harm.

She is supervised by Prof Chris Armitage, Prof Stephen Campbell and Prof Nav Kapur

Hannah Long: PhD student

Hannah is a PhD student iin the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Hannah's PhD is funded by the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre and is about the psychological impact of false-positive test results in the NHS Breast Cancer Screening Programme. Her research aims to better understand how these results affect prolonged cancer worry and attendance at future screening appointments. This understanding will be used to develop an appropriate intervention for women who receive such screening test results, which is likely to focus on reducing distress or increasing the likelihood of uptake of future screening rounds.

Hannah is supervised by Prof David French, Dr Jo Brooks, Dr Michelle Harvie and Dr Anthony Maxwell.

Michael Loughran: PhD student

Michael is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health.

Michael's PhD is funded by the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre and it is aimed at designing and testing a behavioural intervention to minimise recreational noise induced hearing loss at amplified events.

Micheal's PhD is supervised by Prof Chris Armitage and Prof Chris Plack.

Stephanie Lyons: PhD student

Steph is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health.

Steph's research is about understanding how to support breastfeeding behaviour in women with a BMI ≥30kg/m2.

Steph is supervised by Dr Debbie Smith, Dr Sinead Currie and Prof Dame Tina Lavender.

Laura McGowan: PhD student

Laura is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health.

Laura is developing an intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in older adults.

She is supervised by Professor David French and Dr Rachael Powell.

Saul McLeod: PhD student

Saul is a PhD student based in the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology.

Saul's PhD is looking at the relationship between adult attachment and social support in new parents.

He is supervised by Dr Katherine Berry and Professor Alison Wearden.

Currie Moore: PhD student

Currie is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health.

Currie's PhD is to explore determinants of quality of life in dialysis patients and their caregivers.

Currie is supervised by Prof Suzanne Skevington, Prof Alison Wearden, Dr Lesley-Anne Carter and Dr Sandip Mitra.

Lauren Rockliffe: PhD student

Lauren is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Lauren's PhD is funded by the MRC and is focused on developing a theoretical model of 'teachable moments' to support lifestyle behaviour change during pregnancy.

She is supervised by Dr Sarah Peters, Dr Debbie Smith and Professor Alexander Heazell.

Tarnjit Sidhu: PhD student

Tarnjit is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

Tarnjit's PhD is funded by the MRC and her research looks at acute stress responses in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients, alongside the quality of their interpersonal relationships.

Tarnjit is supervised by Dr Kimberly Dienes and Prof Alison Wearden.

Alexandros Voika: PhD student

Alexandros is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

His PhD is a collaboration between the University of Manchester and the A*STAR Academy in Singapore. It is funded by the A*STAR Academy in Singapore. The research is to develop an evidence based smartphone app to manage stress.

He is supervised by Prof Chris Armitage, Dr Samual Gan (in Singapore) and Dr Tracy Epton.

Kerry Ware: PhD student

Kerry is a PhD student based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health. Kerry is investigating a brief psychological intervention to improve hearing aid usage of adult patients within NHS audiology clinics. She is supervised by Prof Chris Armitage, Dr Laura Brown and Prof Kevin Munro.


Adminstration Staff

Wai Kan: Administrative Assistant

Wai is an administrative assistant based in the Division of Psychology and Mental Health.

She is also the Personal Assistant to Professors Chris Armitage and David French.

Clare Hamnett: Administrator

Clare is an administrator based in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health.

She is also the Personal Assistant to Professors Alison Wearden & Suzanne Skevington.


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