The Manchester Centre for Health Economics contributes to professional training qualifications and undergraduate and post-graduate teaching programmes.

Professional training qualifications include teaching a module on economic evaluation for two Scientist Training Programmes in clinical bioinformatics https://www.mangen.co.uk/education/stp-clinical-bioinformatics/

and genomic counselling see


We contribute to the Epidemiology Summer school organised by the Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care in the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health see http://www.festivalofpublichealth.co.uk/epidemiologysummerschool/

We also contribute to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course “Economic Evaluation in Healthcare: An Introduction” see  the CPD catalogue for further details https://catalogue.manchester.ac.uk/browse/i3hs/

We supervise projects in health economics for medical students completed as part of the MBChB Medicine programme for second year medical students (called PEPS: Personal Excellence Pathway) and third year students (called APEPs: Applied Personal Excellence Pathway)

We contribute to three postgraduate courses: MSc in Economics (Economics of Health); Masters of Public Health; MSc in Genomic Medicine.

MSc in Economics (Economics of Health)

The MSc Economics (Health Specialisation) is directed by Will Whittaker and based in the School of Economics. This link takes you to the course details: https://www.manchester.ac.uk/study/masters/courses/list/01380/msc-economics/

Masters of Public Health

The Manchester Centre for Health Economics contributes to the web-based MPH course offering a module in Health Economics. This module is directed by Gemma Shields in collaboration with Linda Davies.

Masters in Genomic Medicine

The Manchester Centre for Health Economics contributes to the Masters in Genomic Medicine https://www.manchester.ac.uk/study/masters/courses/list/10140/msc-genomic-medicine/ offering a module in the Economics of Genomics and Precision medicine. This module is co-led by Katherine Payne and Alex Thompson and members of MCHE staff are part of the faculty who run this module.