About us

The Centre for Gastrointestinal Sciences is a multidisciplinary group of individuals bringing together clinical investigators, biological scientists and population researchers together with students at both undergraduate and postgraduate who are interested in the various aspects of science of the gastrointestinal tract.

Our research encompasses a spectrum between basic molecular studies in epithelial biology and neuroscience, and clinical research including entero-endocrinology (the physiology of gut signalling peptides), neurogastroenterology (the control of gastrointestinal function via the enteric and central nervous systems) through to population based epidemiological studies and clinical trials. Thus providing seemless transition from bedside-to-bench-to-bedside.


The centre's mission for continued development of Gastrointestinal Science into the next millennium on the basis of consolidating and expanding areas of current strength and, making strategic investment in new areas that will allow us to respond to changing priorities/opportunities, particularly within NHS R&D.


The centre works across the City in facilities designed to provide the greatest opportunities for the research. The cell and molecular studies are conducted in parallel with members of the University's Faculty of Life Sciences (in particular Immunology and Neurosciences). Its clinical studies are conducted in purpose built facilities in the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. Its epidemiological studies are based in the population of Salford and Greater Manchester.

Research support

The group has a substantial research income and is supported by grants from Medical Research Council, The Wellcome Trust and BBSRC.

Integrated clinical academic training

The centre provides one of the five centres for integrated clinical academic training for young clinicians both at academic clinical fellow and lecturer level. For more information, see: