What is a care plan?

Care planning has been defined as any interaction between a user and health professional for the purposes of discussing or addressing that client's needs or treatment decisions.

The team has already conducted a literature review of the care planning in mental health services.  If you would like more information please contact us. However, it's important to note that:

  • Involving service users in their own care and allowing choice is at the centre of policy initiatives aimed at improving quality of care and enhancing recovery
  • Current guidance states that the outcome of any assessment will be a care plan developed with the patient, the professional/member of the care team and other appropriate parties, such as family/carer
  • Despite the consensus among policy makers, professionals and users and carers about the importance of involvement, there is substantial empirical evidence that the majority of users and carers are marginalised in the care planning process
  • The literature review revealed effective user involvement in care planning to be a multi-stage intervention, dependent on a number of broad conditions:
    • the motivation of the user
    • the perceived adequacy of information provision and choice
    • the quality of the care planning relationships
    • the effective engagement of users in the care planning process