Our research

The Epidemiology and Public Health Group has a high level of expertise in: Biobanking and specimen processing, Environmental and occupational epidemiology, Genetic and molecular epidemiology, Public Health and applied epidemiology (e.g. of cancer and trauma).

Our research centres include:

  • Manchester Urban Collaboration on Health (MUCH)
    The Manchester Urban Collaboration on Health's mission is to perform world-class research applicable to populations locally, nationally and globally.
  • National Drug Evidence Centre (NDEC)
    The National Drug Evidence Centre (NDEC) carries out epidemiological, evaluative and policy related research in the field of substance misuse, within the areas of health and criminal justice.
  • Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH)
    The COEH investigates the relationship between the environment and human health with special reference to occupation and other environmental factors. It has a wide-ranging doctoral programme as well as being the foremost academic centre for postgraduate education in occupational medicine and hygiene in the country.
  • Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research (CIGMR)
    CIGMR provides laboratory facilities and access to clinically annotated biological samples from well phenotyped patients recruited through large longitudinal studies.
  • Trauma Audit Research Network (TARN)
    Our foundation in research and our highly skilled team ensures that we provide accurate and relevant information to help Doctors, Nurses and Managers improve their services.