Epidemiology and Public Health Group members: A-Z

Name Position Email
Adam Reekie Project Assistant adam.reekie@manchester.ac.uk
Adele Pilkington Senior Clinical Lecturer and Executive Editor - COEH adele.pilkington@manchester.ac.uk
Adrian Hirst Senior Lecturer in Occupational Hygiene - COEH adrian.hirst@manchester.ac.uk
Alex Fitton Project Administrator alexander.fitton@manchester.ac.uk
Alison George-Davidson Research Administrator alison.george-davidson@manchester.ac.uk
Andrea Short Project Manager - CIGMR andrea.short@manchester.ac.uk
Andrew Jones Research Fellow andrew.jones@manchester.ac.uk
Andrew Platt Database Manager - BioBanking Solutions - CIGMR andrew.platt@manchester.ac.uk
Andrew Povey Reader in Molecular Epidemiology apovey@manchester.ac.uk
Angela Spencer Research Assistant angela.pilkington@manchester.ac.uk
Anna Payton Project Administrator anna.payton@manchester.ac.uk
Annie Harrison Project Assistant annie.harrison@manchester.ac.uk
Annemarie Money Research Fellow annemarie.money@manchester.ac.uk
Arpana Verma Head of the Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care arpana.verma@manchester.ac.uk
Bill Ollier Professor of Immunogenetics bill.ollier@manchester.ac.uk
Darren Green Honorary Senior Lecturer - Division of Cardiovascular Sciences darren.green@manchester.ac.uk
Debbie Payne Experimental Officer - CIGMR debbie.payne@manchester.ac.uk
Donal Cairns Information Analyst - NDEC donal.cairns@manchester.ac.uk
Emma Davis QA Manager (MMPathIC & SBDC) emma.davis@manchester.ac.uk
Ezinne Ibe Senior QC Analyst - CIGMR ezinne.ibe@manchester.ac.uk
Fiona Marriage Faculty Biological Safety Manager fiona.marriage@manchester.ac.uk
Francine Jury Experimental Officer - CIGMR francine.jury@manchester.ac.uk
Gail Hooper Postgraduate Administrator - COEH gail.hooper@manchester.ac.uk
Gary Clough Project Administrator for Well North gary.clough@manchester.ac.uk
Greg Williams Head of Operations - MUCH greg.williams@manchester.ac.uk
Hazel Platt Experimental Officer - CIGMR hazel.platt@manchester.ac.uk
Janine Lamb Senior Lecturer in Complex Human Genetics/Genomics janine.lamb@manchester.ac.uk
Jill Stocks Core Research Fellow jill.stocks@manchester.ac.uk
Jo Chesters Postgraduate Administrator - COEH jo.chesters@manchester.ac.uk
John Newton Honorary Professor john.newton-3@manchester.ac.uk
Julie Chadwick Administrator - NDEC julie.b.chadwick@manchester.ac.uk
Julie Hudson Research Technician julie.hudson@manchester.ac.uk
Kerry Woodgate Postgraduate Administrator - COEH kerry.woodgate@manchester.ac.uk
Kirk Siddals Postdoctoral Research Fellow kirk.siddals@manchester.ac.uk
Laura Farrell Research Technician laura.farrell@manchester.ac.uk
Lesley Patterson Research Assistant in Public Health lesley.patterson@manchester.ac.uk
Lorna Kennedy Senior Scientist - CIGMR lorna.kennedy@manchester.ac.uk
Martin Seed Honorary Research Associate - COEH martin.seed@manchester.ac.uk
Martin Yuille Reader in Biobanking/Co-Director of CIGMR martin.yuille@manchester.ac.uk
Melanie Carder Project Manager (THOR) and Research Fellow melanie.carder@manchester.ac.uk
Michael Donmall Chair in Health and Society m.donmall@manchester.ac.uk
Nazia Zarin Web Manager and VLE Developer nazia.zarin@manchester.ac.uk
Philip Day Reader in Quantitative Analytical Genomics - CIGMR-MIB philip.j.day@manchester.ac.uk
Raymond Agius Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine raymond.agius@manchester.ac.uk
Rob Oliver Salford Biomedical Facility Manager; Salford HTA Research DI; EPR for Research Project Manager robert.oliver@manchester.ac.uk
Stefan Jahr Senior Information Analyst - NDEC stefan.jahr@manchester.ac.uk
Subir Singh Research Assistant subir.singh@manchester.ac.uk
Susan Taylor Project Assistant (THOR GP) susan.taylor@manchester.ac.uk
Toni Grady Scientific Officer toni.grady@manchester.ac.uk
Tony Payton Research Associate tony.payton@manchester.ac.uk