Our research

Our research is organised around the following themes:

  • Epidemiological surveillance: a major national programme of monitoring adults and young people who are in contact with drug and alcohol treatment services;
  • Visualisation: the creation of knowledge exchange platforms that communicate complex results for policy and practice;
  • Outcomes research: on-going analysis of the largest ever drug treatment cohort in the UK;
  • Policy evaluation: assessment of impact following national introduction of payment by results pilot schemes;
  • Prevalence estimation: utilisation of multi-indicator methods to assess prevalence;
  • Health indicators: development of global indicators/ indices of urban health;
  • Understanding of addiction harms: national integration of quantitative datasets.

Payment by Results (PbR)

A team from the Health Science Research Group has been successful in gaining a £1million Department of Health grant to evaluate Payment by Results (PbR) schemes in the treatment of addiction.

Epidemiological Surveillance Project

A Public Health England (former National Treatment Agency) funding stream providing a rolling programme of research, information analyses and national statistics.  Major components include:

  • Monthly web-based analyses of National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) data (LDP, Discharged, Retained, Young People)
  • Development of a National Data Library of treatment and other drug related data
  • Annual analyses and commentary for England


This exciting new cluster is one of four Addiction Research Clusters funded by MRC as part of their new strategy for addiction and substance misuse research, addressing biological, medical, social and economic aspects of addiction and substance misuse. 

  • See: NIQUAD for further information

Drug Data Warehouse

Development of national, case-linked, integrated data resources for evaluation of treatment and CJS interventions for drug users and other priority groups.


ViewIt is a data visualisation tool for use by the drug and alcohol treatment sector. ViewIt provides a simple web portal to allow analysis and visualisation of drug treatment data within the context of other geographical areas, without having to utilise a complex statistical package.

Local and National Estimates of the Prevalence of Problem Drug Use

Home Office funded, in collaboration with the Centre for Drug Misuse Research at the University of Glasgow, this applies multiple methods to produce serial annual estimates of problematic opiate and/or crack use prevalence in each English Drug Action Team area and national estimates. 

DTORS (Drug Treatment Outcomes Research Study)

Funded by the Home Office, this is the largest research study into the treatment of problem drug users ever carried out in the UK. 

  • See: DTORS for further information