Self assessment: revision check

  1. What is the relative contribution of environmental factors, and genetic factors to the causation of disease?
  2. What criteria would you use to determine whether an environmental (including occupational) factor 'caused' ill-health:
    In an individual?
    In a population?
  3. What is the difference between hazard and risk?
  4. What are the determinants of the risk of ill-health from environmental causes, as estimated by scientists and medical doctors?
  5. What are the determinants of the public perception of risk of ill-health from environmental causes?
  6. What bodies/ agencies are responsible for 'environmental health' at:
    An international level?
    A national level?
    A local level?
  7. What are the responsibilities of medical practitioners in relation to occupational health?
    How can these responsibilities be fulfilled?
  8. What are the main sources of information regarding work related diseases and disorders?
  9. Why is there a discrepancy between: Official statistics for reporting and compensation of occupational disease, and: Information based on self-reporting and epidemiologic studies, (which tend to suggest far higher estimates)?
  10. What sorts of questions should a doctor ask when taking an occupational medical history?
  11. What questions should a doctor be prepared to tackle in relation to a patient who is off sick and hence not at work?
    What information may be necessary to answer these questions?
  12. What information is needed to determine a patient's/worker's fitness for work?
    What judgements may need to be made?
  13. What steps could be considered by the doctor to rehabilitate a sick or disabled employee back to work?
  14. What general responsibilities should be placed upon EMPLOYERS so as to reduce the burden of work related ill-health?
  15. What professional skills/ competencies are needed to assess and reduce the risks to health in relation to working populations and to individuals?
  16. Having assessed the risks to health from work, what specific steps could be taken to reduce these risks?