THOR-gP: research team

This project is part of the long-standing programme of research into the incidence of occupational disease being undertaken at the University of Manchester. It is sponsored by the HSE and is in support of the HSE's strategy. More information about the HSE is available on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Research team

Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Centre for Epidemiology, Institute of Population Health

  • Martie van Tongeren*
    Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • Tim Frank
    GP and Director of the General Practitioner Research Unit, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester
  • Susan Taylor
    Project Assistant, THOR-gP
  • Melanie Carder
    Research Manager, THOR
  • Annemarie Money
    Research Fellow, THOR

*Professor Martie van Tongeren is the overall leader of the project.

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