Thor-gP: frequently asked questions

  • Should the postcode reported on the web form be that of the patient's home or work address?
    The first half of the patient's home postcode is required.
  • I am away on leave in June, should I submit a return informing you I have no cases to report this month?
    Yes please, but we would be grateful if you could inform us (using the comments box) that you have been away. This information allows us to interpret the data when a "nil return" is sent for a particular month, so we can distinguish between being unable to report (e.g. on holiday) and actively participating in the scheme but seeing no relevant/reportable cases that month.
  • Should I report a case if I am not sure it is work-related?
    Yes, please report any case that you suspect may be work related. If you think it may be aggravated rather than caused by work, there are methods available on the form to indicate.
  • Should I report a case even if I am not sure of a definite diagnosis?
    Yes, please report any complaint, symptom or disease that you feel may be caused or aggravated by the patient's occupation.
  • Should I report cases as I see them or all the cases I have seen together at the end of the month?
    The webform has been designed to report cases as you see them, but it is up to you. We would be happy to receive your cases at any time throughout the month when it is most convenient to you.