Case report criteria

THOR-GP data is used to calculate the incidence of occupational disease and to examine trends in work-related ill-health. To make these results as accurate as possible THOR-GP cases need to fulfil these 4 basic criteria:

1. Cases should be only those seen by you, the reporter, personally. (If you send us cases seen by your partners as well, it will distort our incidence calculations).

2. Cases should be only those that are work-related, i.e. the patient’s diagnosis/symptoms has been caused or aggravated by work.

3. Cases should be only those presenting to you for the first time in your reporting month. E.g. if your reporting month is May and you first saw the patient with a particular work-related condition in April, please do not report this case if they return to see you in May. This would make this a report of a prevalent case NOT an incident case, which is required for THOR-GP.

4. Cases should be only those seen in general practice (We do not want those you might see in your Occupational Health work as we have no means of calculating a denominator for these and therefore we cannot calculate incidence).