The Health and Occupation Research Network in General Practice

THOR-GP is a project which uses a research network of General Practitioners with training in Occupational Medicine to determine the incidence of occupational disease, work-related ill health and sickness absence burden in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It is part of the THOR network.

This website provides information and resources for GPs participating in the study. The navigation bars in the menu on the left lead to further information about the project and its research team. They provide links to technical guidelines regarding electronic reporting. There are clinical guidelines on cases to report.

Most importantly this is also the portal for the free GP CPD available to GPs participating in this project. There is also opportunity for feedback.

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GPs participating in the study: information and resources

Further THOR-GP details

THOR GP project assistant

The project assistant responsible for this scheme is Susan Taylor:
+44(0)161 275 5531