Diagnostic preferences study (SOSMI/OPRA)

This study aimed to compare the diagnostic preferences of occupational health physicians (OPs) reporting to OPRA and consultant psychiatrists (PSYs) reporting to SOSMI when assessing cases of work-related mental-ill health. Participating physicians were asked to complete a proforma summarising anonymised details of cases they had reported as work related.

These case summaries were then sent to five occupational physicians and five psychiatrists who assigned a diagnoses and judged whether the case was work-related. The diagnoses, and of the opinion as to work-relatedness, was assessed by comparing the overall classifications of cases by OPs and PSYs.

Dr Elizabeth O'Neill would like to extend her thanks to all of you who have participated in her research project, and the results have now been published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This study has also now been extended to include GPs reporting to THOR-gP.

  • The validity and reliability of diagnoses of work-related mental ill-health
    E O’Neill, R McNamee, R Agius, M Gittins, L Hussey, S Turner
    Occup Environ Med 2008; 65(11):726-731 doi:10.1136/oem.2008.039008