Radiation epidemiology

The Centre’s research interests include the study of relations between exposure to radiation, both ionizing and non-ionizing, in the occupational and general environment and adverse effects on human health and cognition.

Studies which COEH researchers conduct, coordinate or are involved in looking at the effects of non-ionizing radiation include:

  • Investigation of acute neurobehavioral effects related to exposure to magnetic fields from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems;
  • Studies on exposure to magnetic fields and adverse health effects in personnel routinely working with MRI systems in healthcare and beyond;
  • Investigation of the carcinogenic risk of mobile phone use.

The Centre is also involved in studies on exposure to, and the health effects of, (low dose) exposure to ionizing radiation. These studies include:

  • The design of a quantitative, historical job-exposure matrix for improvement of epidemiological studies in the UK nuclear industry;
  • The Centre is also a partner in the European Union 7th Framework Programme study of the risks of long-term health effects associated with protracted external and internal radiation exposures, through studies of exposed populations in the Southern Urals (SOLO).