PhD students

2012 to 2015

Siobhan Ahern - To determine the circadian control of lipid metabolism and its implications for obesity (writing up phase)

Supervisors: David Bechtold, Garth Cooper


2013 to 2016

Sandra Callagy - Does copper (II) overload contribute to the pathology of diabetic retinopathy?

Supervisors: Paul Bishop, Garth Cooper. Funding: Fight for Sight

Karolina Mosinska - A novel approach for identifying human pancreatic stem cells for diabetes.

Supervisors: Mark Dunne, Karen Cosgrove, Richard Unwin. Funding: Diabetes UK


2014 to 2017

Sarah Al-Adham - Understanding the development of diabetic neuropathy

Supervisors: Natalie Gardiner, Garth Cooper, Richard Unwin. Funding: MRC DTP

Ben Allsop - Amyloid-β and Amylin: Two amyloids in Alzheimer’s disease

Supervisors: Nigel Hooper, Garth Cooper, Richard Unwin.

Kirsty McIntyre - Foetal growth restriction: A failure of placental adaptation in response to foetal nutrient demand?

Supervisors: Mark Dilworth, Richard Unwin. Funding: MRC DTP

Amy Watkins - A molecular basis for the induction and reversal of heart failure with emphasis on processes in the left ventricle

Supervisors: Garth Cooper, Andy Trafford, David Eisner. Funding: British Heart Foundation DTP


2015 to 2018

Aidan France - Developing a new class of anti-amyloid experimental therapeutics in diabetes

Supervisors: Perdita Barran, Garth Cooper, Richard Unwin. Funding: MRC DTP


Past Students

Oliver Freeman - The pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy and the therapeutic potential of selective copper chelation

Supervisors: Natalie Gardiner, Garth Cooper, Rasmus Petersen, David Brough