Team members


Garth Cooper - Director

Garth Cooper - Director of CADET and Professor in Discovery and Experimental Medicine

After obtaining his MB ChB and completing his medical training, Garth Cooper undertook his DPhil (1990) in the MRC Immunohistochemistry Unit at Oxford University, where he discovered the peptide hormone, amylin. Since then and mainly at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, he has continued his work on amylin and its causative role in diabetes, as well as the role of defective copper regulation in the complications of diabetes. He has extended his use of ‘omics technologies to study neurodegenerative diseases and heart failure, and from 2011 he has continued his study of the molecular causes of disease at Manchester when CADET was set up to enable this multi-omic approach.

Paul Bishop - Co-Director

Paul Bishop - Co-Director of CADET and Professor of Opthalmology and Matrix Biology

After undergoing postgraduate clinical training in Manchester, Paul Bishop was appointed an Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (1998). While training as an ophthalmologist, he completed a PhD in Biochemistry (1993) from The University of Manchester and was awarded consecutive fellowships by The Wellcome Trust, culminating in a Senior Clinical Fellowship. His research is primarily focused on developing new treatments for retinal conditions including age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and inherited retinal dystrophies.

Richard Unwin - Mass Spectrometry Lead

Richard Unwin - Mass Spectrometry Lead and Honorary Lecturer

After obtaining a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Oncology, both from Nottingham University, Richard Unwin undertook his PhD (2002) at Leeds University, applying proteomics to study renal cell carcinoma. Since then, he has been developing mass spectrometric-based proteomic techniques, including MRM-Initiated Detection and Sequencing (MIDAS) in Professor Tony Whetton’s laboratory in Manchester and subsequently in CADET, where he has been applying proteomics to diseases such as pre-eclampsia, Alzheimer’s Disease and the complications of diabetes.


Andrew Dowsey - Bioinformatics Lead and Chair in One Health Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (Bristol)

Michael J. Anderson - Scientific Project Manager

Michael J. Anderson - Scientific Project Manager

After obtaining a BSc in Biological Sciences from Edinburgh University, Michael Anderson undertook his DPhil (1990) in human molecular genetics at Oxford University. After research positions at Oxford, Birmingham and Manchester, he was a Research Fellow in Aspergillus genomics at The University of Manchester (2001 to 2006) before joining CADET in 2011.

Stephanie Church - Metabolomics Technician

Stephanie Church - Metabolomics Technician

Stephanie Church joined CADET in 2013 after completing a laboratory apprenticeship at AstraZeneca where she worked in Discovery Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics using mass spectrometry to analyse new drug compounds. As part of the apprenticeship, she studied for an HNC in biomedical science (2009) and an NVQ 3 in laboratory and associated technical activities.

Nina Kureishy - Research Assistant


Nina Kureishy - Research Assistant

After obtaining a BSc in Biochemistry from The University of Manchester, Nina Kureishy undertook her MPhil (2000) there applying biochemical approaches to investigate kidney function. She then worked as a researcher investigating cell signalling mechanisms at University College, London, and gene therapy of cancer cells at the Institute of Cancer Research. She joined CADET in 2011, where she has been working on the diabetic complications, particularly in the kidney and on the identification of therapeutic targets in diabetic kidney disease.