The Emotional Cognition Lab is often looking for participants to engage with our research by taking part in scientific studies.

We need volunteers to participate in studies in order to gather our research and make scientific breakthroughs! You would have the chance to see what a study entails and give something to the scientific community, not to mention perhaps receiving a reward yourself.

There is a large and varied array of studies available. Studies differ greatly in their content area and what participants would learn, in what they'd be asked to do, and in the time commitment that will be required. For example:

  • You may learn about how the brain remembers information, or help understand hearing loss in old age.
  • You may be working with a computer task or asked to fill in a questionnaire.
  • You may be invited for one hour, or for an entire day.

If you wish to take part and help research, please sign up for an account on

Please note: Each study has unique inclusion and exclusion criteria. If you're not eligible for your first choice, don't be discouraged - just try another study.


Studies currently seeking volunteers

The effects of hunger on learning

We are looking for healthy adults to take part in a research study. This project examines how hunger influences cognitive ability.


Electrophysiological indicators of sweet and neutral taste processing

Are you interested in participating in psychological research into how the brain processes pleasant tastes? We are looking for female participants for an EEG study! The study will take a maximum of three hours. You will be compensated for your time.

You can participate if you satisfy the inclusion criteria

  • Female
  • 18 years or over
  • No dieting in previous three months
  • Never diagnosed with a neurological disorder
  • Never diagnosed with an eating disorder (expect for binge eating disorder)
  • Never diagnosed with a psychological disorder
  • No use of medication that will not allow fasting or that affects hunger and fullness
  • No illness that does not allow fasting
  • No diabetes
  • Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Not currently a smoker
  • Not currently a regular recreational drug user

If you satisfy these inclusion criteria, please sign up through the Manchester SONA system, or contact Imca Hensels. This study has been approved by the University Research Ethics Committee.