About us

Current status overview

The Centre for Developmental Science and Disorders (CDSD) was formed in September 2012 and is led by Professor Elena Lieven who has returned to the University from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

Vision for the future

The strategic priority for the centre is to promote basic and translational research, we aim to be a centre of excellence in understanding typical and atypical language, communication and behaviour development.

Our crucial strengths lie in the ability to translate normative research on typically developing children into understanding the developmental pathways that give rise to atypical development in language, communicative and behaviour disorders and in the implementation of new and more informed interventions. To achieve this vision we need to:

  • strengthen our centre to enable a larger critical mass of members to carry out investigations which have higher impact (in both typical and atypical development)
  • build on the unique strengths of the north-west in the study of language and communicative development 0-5.

Key challenges for the centre

Our centre members have well-established methods of working and strong collaborations both within and outside the University. It is important that the vision for our centre does not interfere with or impede the ongoing research excellence already achieved. Thus the focus needs to be on creating new meaningful collaboration and identifying clear translational pipelines.

Impact and importance

  • Developing scientific understanding of complex developmental systems
  • Informing new and more effective intervention (evidence-based practice)
  • Self-advocacy of individuals and families
  • Raising public awareness